cGMP: The Foundation of NatureKue’s Promise of Quality

Posted: January 11, 2023 

NatureKue understands that our reputation – and our success in developing and delivering the very best  dietary supplements on the market today – begins with your confidence in the safety, quality and effectiveness of our products, and the responsiveness of our customer service.

That’s why the very foundation of NatureKue’s quality assurance program is our focused compliance with “cGMP” – “current good manufacturing practices.”  

cGMP are regulations enforced by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA),  applicable to all manufacturers of drugs, food products and dietary supplements.  FDA’s cGMP regulations provide a framework to ensure that manufacturers abide by proper design, monitoring, and control of manufacturing processes and facilities. In the food, drug, and supplement world, operating cGMP-certified manufacturing facilities and processes allows companies to share that information with their consumers.   At the same time, it gives consumers confidence that they are buying and consuming products that deliver on their promises.  

NatureKue focuses on four key quality standards in meeting or exceeding the FDA’s cGMP regulatory requirements:


At the forefront of cGMP regulations is the correct identification of products.  As a consumer, you want to know that what is presented on a label or a website, or promoted or advertised in social media, matches what you receive after making your purchase.  NatureKue follows cGMP Identity guidelines by providing consumers with detailed product information, and in particular, information on each of our products’ key ingredients.  NatureKue also engages with independent labs and conducts batch product testing to ensure that our dietary supplements contain 100% of what is presented, discussed and promoted.  


You should also have complete confidence in the strength of NatureKue supplements, especially if you have underlying health conditions.  That’s why NatureKue carefully follows cGMP regulations covering the quality of our equipment and accuracy of our  manufacturing processes.  NatureKue conducts outside research and clinical trials, and we also test product strength in batches after manufacturing and before sending our supplements to you. 


NatureKue has established strong quality management systems to ensure that each phase in the creation of our supplements exceeds cGMP expectations.  Quality starts with obtaining appropriate and pure raw materials from trusted sites.  Our focus on quality continues through the manufacturing process: our  equipment is regularly tested; our employees must be qualified and fully trained in cGMP practices; and our manufacturing, product handling, packaging and shipment procedures must hew to exacting cGMP standards.  


Safety – both in terms of how NatureKue produces its supplements, and the supplements themselves – is the responsibility of everyone on the NatureKue team — managers and employees.  Our collective job is to ensure that all cGMP procedures are followed correctly and in a timely manner – and that there are checkpoints and evaluations every step of the way.


Achieving the very highest degree of product and service quality is NatureKue’s mission and daily priority.  The FDA’s cGMP standards give us a foundation by which we deliver on our promise of quality.    We hope our cGMP compliance and certification will continue to give you confidence that the NatureKue supplements you trust for yourself and your loved ones are produced, packaged, handled and shipped with your safety, health and well-being in mind.  

NatureKue welcomes your feedback and questions below! 

To learn more about cGMP regulations, please visit the FDA website here.

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