Trick or Treat: Healthy Halloween Tips from a Registered Dietitian

Author:  Lauren Grieco  

Date: 10/15/2021 

With Halloween just around the corner, this blog will discuss tips and tricks to stay on track with health goals! While treats should not be restricted and Halloween should be fun for all, this blog will include recommendations that will allow one to remember balance and not get too spooked by added sugar.

Balance (but also fun!)

Halloween is a great time to both practice intuitive eating and teach the family about intuitive eating. It is important to listen to your body and spread the candy out rather than eating all candy at once.

A great way to stop yourself or your children from accidentally eating a pile of candy is having a delicious, balanced meal for lunch and dinner. Filling up on fruits, vegetables, whole grain, and protein before trick or treating. This will reduce temptation to slowly graze on candy throughout the night.

If you are hosting a Halloween party at your home, be sure to include fun sweet treats but also, healthy snack options for guests.

Healthy Halloween Snacks and Treats

While Halloween candy should always be on the menu for trick or treating or after dinner, here are some ideas for festive healthy snacks beforehand:

  • Banana Ghosts
  • Carrot Witch Fingers
  • Oranges or Blood Oranges with Jack-O-Lanterns on the skin
  • Pumpkin Smoothies
  • Apple Slices with Cinnamon
  • Date and Pumpkin Energy Balls
  • Monster Juice with 100% orange juice, seltzer water, and floating berries
  • Graveyard Taco Dip (use mushrooms as the “graves”)
  • Roasted pumpkin seeds
  • Fruit Salad (use a melon baller to make “eyeballs”)

Get Moving

Halloween is a fun time for the family to get moving and enjoy activities together! Here are some fall friendly family activities to engage everyone:

  • Monster Mash Dance Party! Play Halloween music and dance like a Zombie, Mummy, or Alien.
  • Carve Pumpkins: Have the kids draw a design on the pumpkin and help them scoop out the pumpkin seeds to roast in the oven.
  • Corn Maze: Take the whole family to a local corn maze to get steps in while also enjoying the fall weather.
  • DIY a costume: Get the whole family together to create spooky or magical costumes. Head to your local fabric store for the supplies and get to crafting!


Main Takeaways

Do not fret if you consume more calories than usual as Halloween is once a year and it will not be detrimental. However, there are still opportunities to set yourself up for success to follow health related goals.

Be sure to fill up on fruits, vegetables, and whole grains before the Halloween party or trick or treating. This way you will still get the nutrition you need, and a fun night afterwards!


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