NatureKue Gift Guide

Author: Lauren Grieco MS, RD, LD 

Posted: November 22, 2021

With Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas just around the corner, many of us will be shopping online and in person to find some great deals!

Buying supplements is a great idea for health-conscious friends that are looking to work on prevention and achieve their health goals. NatureKue supplements can even work as part of a health gift basket or package!

Not sure where to start with your holiday lists? Here is a NatureKue Gift Guide to help you buy the supplements for your loved ones!

Heart Health Supplement

This all-natural, powerful dietary supplement is perfect for your loved one that is looking to take extra care of their heart! From your heart to theirs, you can give them the gift that will support cardiovascular function, widen blood vessels, boost blood flow, and promote healthy cholesterol levels. Unfortunately, heart disease is the leading cause of death in both men and women in the United States. Thus, demonstrating the importance of treating our hearts with care.

Supporting your heart can benefit overall health, physical fitness, and endurance. If this loved one is starting their fitness journey, this supplement can help them safely reach their health goals! Especially for those looking to make New Year’s Resolutions.

Do you know someone that was diagnosed with COVID this year or last year? Many people are dealing with the long-term symptoms of COVID, known as “long COVID”. CardioSupport supplement may be beneficial in promoting cardiac health that can help you further recover from these lasting symptoms.

Liver Health Supplement

This is our best-selling supplement, and for good reason! The liver supports over 500 functions in our bodies, showing how important it is to keep our livers healthy. Furthermore, many Americans are living with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. LiverSupport is clinically shown to reduce fatty deposits, promote overall liver health, strengthen the immune system, and improve energy levels for better overall health. Take the necessary precautions to support your liver and the liver of your loved ones!

LiverSupport is composed of herbal ingredients to maintain a healthy weight as well. Clinical studies have shown that daily consumption of ingredients in LiverSupport, such as Puer Tea, is associated with reduced BMI, body fat loss, improved cholesterol levels, and improved triglyceride levels.

The best part of LiverSupport is that there are two options to try! LiverSupport comes in a capsule and a dark chocolate. The dark chocolate is perfect for the loved one with a sweet tooth. This chocolate is the perfect way to end a meal with something sweet, while also boosting your overall health.

Brain Health 

This supplement is the perfect gift choice for all types of friends and family members! Whether it is for a student trying to pass exams, a coworker that must multitask a variety of projects, or for a parent or grandparent that wants to ward off cognitive decline! This supplement is multiuse and multigenerational.

MemorySupport is designed to increase blood flow to enhance memory, concentration, mental sharpness, and promote restful sleep, as well as offset toxin buildup as you age. MemorySupport helps you stay focused to concentrate at whatever task is at hand!

Take care of your loved one’s brain health this holiday season!

Kidney Health as a King

KingSupport focuses its powerful herbal blend on the kidneys. While the kidneys are less talked about then some of the other essential organs, they are just as important to our overall health and wellness.

Our kidneys are important organs that affect many different body functions from urine flow to sexual health! Help make your loved one’s kidney a priority with KingSupport, made with natural, evidence-based ingredients that help reduce sleep disorders and weakness caused by lack of energy.

Give a Gift that is Health Backed By Science and Powered by Nature

Giving the gift of NatureKue means that your loved ones are getting quality ingredients, organic herbals, and powerful blends to target a specific organ system. Help your friends reach their health goals!


Happy Holidays! Wishing you and your family health and happiness!


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