NatureKue Product Quality: The Hows and the Whys

In our previous article, titled "The Qualities of NatureKue Products," we highlighted the essential components of NatureKue's quality assurance program, including product quality, manufacturing quality, and customer service quality. 

In this blog we focus on the first of those -- NatureKue’s product quality -- specifically: 

  • How we go about ensuring our LiverSupport, CardioSupport, BrainSuport, and other dietary supplements satisfy and hopefully exceed our customers’ needs and expectations; and whether our products meet or exceed industry standards.
  • Why we place such a premium on product quality. 

How NatureKue Ensures Quality Products 

When you purchase and begin to use a NatureKue product, it is the final step along a carefully planned and executed continuum of quality which begins with the global sourcing of natural ingredients and continues through and to product delivery and daily use by our customers: 

  • Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) in ingredient sourcing– For each of our dietary supplements, NatureKue sources natural components from around the world, making sure we abide by Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) in doing so.  

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) promotes GAP as a set of principles guiding on-farm production and post-production processes, resulting in safe and healthy food. NatureKue uses GAP in the control standards and methods for herbal plant-based production, primarily to assure raw material concentration, uniformity, and stability.  

  • Certificate of Analysis (COA) plus independent lab testing– Each natural ingredient sourced by NatureKue via GAP also undergoes two stages of testing – that of our carefully selected vendors, who issue a certificate of analysis (COA) for each ingredient – and that of one or more of the independent laboratories with which we work, and conduct safety studies. 
  • Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) by independent labs– NatureKue non-clinical safety studies of our products are conducted by independent laboratories which all follow the OECD’s principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP).  This is a quality system of management controls for research laboratories and organizations to ensure the uniformity, consistency, reliability, and reproducibility of those facilities. 
  • Ingredient efficiency and maximization of essential components– The label on any of NatureKue dietary supplements includes very little -- but very important -- information.  Why?  Because NatureKue’s laser-like focus on product quality means we include and utilize the natural ingredients most efficient and essential to delivering the health benefits of our products.  We include those on our label, as well as inactive but necessary components; and we include what is NOT in our product, and other non-essentials.  
  • Clinical studies and scientific evidence– NatureKue strives to find and/or undertake clinical studies, involving dozens or hundreds of human participants, to back the safety and efficacy of our dietary supplement product.  Check the product page for your preferred NatureKue product to learn more.


Why NatureKue Guarantees Quality Products 

NatureKue’s relentless focus on product quality is a core part of our business plan.  And here’s why: 

  • It builds trust – NatureKue knows we won’t succeed if we don’t build customer trust. So, we do everything we can to gain the confidence and loyalty of our customers. 
  • It builds credit - NatureKue understands that when making a purchasing choice, most individuals trust recommendations from friends and family more than other types of advertising or marketing. 

The higher the quality of our product, the better our chances of generating positive reviews, recommendations, and shares from our consumers. 

  • It results in customer satisfaction – It leads to customer happiness. The customer is our valued Asset. 



NatureKue recognizes that our brand is a promise, and keeping that promise is essential to preserving our brand. 

We are also aware that it requires more than excellent intentions, smart planning, and successful marketing to achieve this objective. It requires an approach to quality assurance that begins with product quality. 

We really value your input and eagerly anticipate hearing your reviews, comments, or recommendations.

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