Tips to Stay on Track with Fitness Goals

Author: Courtney Conner MS, RD, LD 

Posted Date: January 26, 2022


With 2022 being a fresh, new year, you might have made a few new year resolutions around fitness or activity for health. Making that goal is the first step, but not the most important step. The most important part of creating a goal is sticking with it, seeing progress, and gaining a positive on fitness and health. However, how do you go about sticking to a fitness goal? This blog aims to gives you tips on how to stick with your fitness goals for the long term.

  1. Create an attainable goal

Before getting to how to we stay to fitness goals, we must discuss creating a goal. Your goal needs to be attainable so that you can work towards it and feel good about achieving it. If it is not an attainable goal than you will lose motivation knowing that you will never achieve your goal.

  1. Make a schedule

Like you would make a schedule for work, make a schedule for your workouts or for your fitness. By creating a schedule, it will force you to make time for your fitness, and it will help force you to stick to your schedule. For example, if you want to work out 3 times a week for 45 minutes each session, then schedule it at 7-7:45am on Monday, Wednesday, Friday before work. Schedule your sessions for whatever time and day work with you and your lifestyle, but it is most important to stick with the schedule you make.

  1. Track progress

Tracking your progress through multiple objectives is key to success with fitness goals. There are many ways that you can track progress: time exercising, repetitions completed, weight used, mindset during exercise, and individual exercise form improvements. You can mentally track or even write some of these down to see progress through your fitness journey. By writing the above things down, you will see your improvement from the beginning, giving you the push and motivation, you need to keep going.

  1. Don’t push yourself too much

One of the biggest things that I see happen to people who make a fitness goal or new year resolution is that they go all out for a week or even a month, but then are too burnt out to keep it going. When this happens, the progress that they made will most likely be gone. This usually happens with fitness goals because most people think that going to the gym or working out 2 times a day or even every day is going to the best thing for them to achieve their goals. However, this is usually the opposite. When overtraining or overworking your body, you get burnt out, become unmotivated, and end up quitting everything all together. Your body needs time to recover and rest. Allow for at least 2 days of rest and recovery throughout your week and take extra time as you need it based on how you feel. As always, listen to your body, if you feel like you can take on more work, try it out.

Main Takeaway

Making a fitness goal or new years resolution is a great way to start your fitness journey. However, the keyword is being journey, there is not a quick and easy way to get in shape, lose weight, or gain more muscle. Your fitness journey should fit into your current lifestyle and should be a positive addition without changing your life too much. Adding in physical activity and fitness should be a positive experience and should be something that you look forward to. Keep in mind that it does take some time when adding a new fitness schedule to your routine, so it is important to make sure you take the tips discussed above to make sure it is a routine that will last and become part of your lifestyle.

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