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Natural approaches for managing summer allergies

By June 6, 2017Blog

Seasonal allergies are some of the most common diseases that affect people’s lives and yet often overlooked. As summer is approaching, we would like to share some natural ways for managing summer allergies.

llergy occurs when the immune system reacts to environmental elements, called allergens, that are usually harmless, causing symptoms of itchy, stuffy or runny nose, sneezing, watery, red or itchy eyes, or, in more severe cases, difficulty with breathing. Sometimes, summer allergy symptoms can be mistaken for colds, food intolerances or other ailments. So, if your symptoms are persistent and lasting for more than two weeks, you may need see your allergist for proper testing and diagnosis.

If you are suffering from an allergy, one important thing might be to identify which substances are causing the reaction.  According to the ACAAI, pollen, mold and insect stings are common allergy culprits during the summer months. Smoke from campfires, insect bites and stings and chlorine in swimming pools are also among the most common triggers of an allergic reaction.

Once the allergens have been identified, you might try to limit or avoid the exposure of these substances. Many sufferers find using high efficiency air purifiers, a neti-pot, or simply limiting the time spent outdoors when the pollen count is elevated, can help reduce symptoms.

People who are susceptible to allergies tend to have an imbalanced immune system. Very often, their immune system “over-reacted”. Even among those people with an immune system deficiency, specific changes to their immunity can increase the risk of developing allergies. There are a few natural approaches that can be helpful in modulating the immune system.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle, including a well-balanced diet and regular exercise are among the most important measures in keeping allergies at bay. At the same time, some alternative therapies, such as acupuncture or meditation, can also help control stress, which support a balanced immune system.

Taking herbal supplements is another way to manage allergies. Some supplements, e.g. NatureKue’s Immunotain PLUS, are good for restoring the balance of immune system, while others, e.g. NatureKue’s EnergyPower PLUS, help to reduce levels of stress and indirectly help to restore normal immune response.

One thing to bear in mind is that many natural approaches may not resolve an allergy issue overnight – Perseverance is key!

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