How to improve your metabolism with NatureKue product?

Do you feel tired and sluggish more often than not? Do you have difficulty in maintaining balanced metabolism rate?  Are you struggling to lose weight and boost your metabolism? Are you looking for a way to naturally boost your metabolism without the unpleasant side effects of many pantry staple teas or artificial supplements?

If yes, then NatureKue Metabolism Booster Fermented Pu’erh Tea Extract (Deepure Tea) is here to the rescue! It is made from fermented black tea that contains compounds like polyphenols, antioxidants and minerals which may help maintain metabolic health. It can be safely taken by men, women, seniors and even those who are overweight or obese since it helps break down oil-soluble components in food into smaller molecules that aid better absorption.

In addition to its benefits for metabolic optimization, Deepure Tea also delivers significant overall wellness perks due to its unique fermentation process.

For centuries, this unique herbal blend has been enjoyed for its energizing effects and therapeutic benefits. Our proprietary formulation is derived from a blend of pick-and-sourced leaves that are fermented by traditional methods developed over generations and now with patented technology.

This custom fermentation process not only brings out optimum potency but also preserves all of the nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants contained in each capsule of Deepure Tea (Metablisom Booster).

Anyone looking to live a healthier lifestyle, whether a collegiate athlete looking to maintain peak performance, an overweight person looking to lose weight more efficiently, or a senior needing additional metabolic support, should consider adding the naturally earthy flavor of Deepure Tea, which is in capsule form and easy to take!

Its earthy smell, in particular, makes it pleasurable for the physical advantages. You may rest easy knowing that with each NatureKue Metabolism Booster, you are taking care of yourself from the inside out!


  • Naturekue

    Two (2) capsules contain: 67.5mg natural caffeine (a byproduct of Pu’er Tea extract).

  • Elizabeth Poston

    I would like to know the caffeine content in one of the 750mg capsules.

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